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For ongoing support and helpful information on the weight loss journey, sign up for My Weight Weekly! It’s a virtual “buddy system” with motivational resources delivered to you via text for free to help you succeed with reaching your best weight…

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Each week, you’ll receive a short text message with a practical tip, informative article, or short video that will provide the tools and encouragement that can help you succeed with your health goals.

Anyone who’s ever tried to reach a healthier weight knows there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about weight management, and much of it is based on outdated science that doesn’t recognize the influence biology & genetics have on our weight. That’s why many of us have had the experience of losing weight, only to eventually regain it… often plus a little more.

Our resources are grounded in the latest research, and we also provide suggestions on getting the right support and treatments from healthcare professionals, if that’s what’s needed on your journey. Get the support and encouragement you deserve to create healthy, lasting change that will help you reach your best weight. Sign up for our FREE program today!

Your support has been immeasurable.
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The texts make me feel that someone cares. They are a ‘buddy system.’
– Henriette

I see this as a foundation for the long haul.
– Theresa

It’s important to note

that this program shares tips and suggestions for healthy habits, but for many people, lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough to help them reach a healthier weight. Learn why that is and what to do about it here.


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